top 10 best way to save money

We all want to save money for the future but it’s hard to do so. But if you have a habit of it then it is not so difficult as you think. All you have to do is to control your daily expenses. To do so you also have to change your lifestyle as well.

Here are the top 10 best way to save money.

1. First set a goal-saving

First task is to make sure that what is your vision. All you have to do is list out all the past expenses. Check out how much money you use to fulfill your demand in the past day. Then, deduct 50 percent in it. How ?? For example, if you spend 10$ to had lunch then try to make habit of spending 5$ in your launch box. If you have a habit of buying expensive clothes then try to buy stylish products in low budget. Every product has its copyright product. But it doesn’t mean that the product is a waste material.

In this way, you have to make a decision first how much money you have to spend in your demand to fulfill it.

2. Spend equal money in your friend circle.

This doesn’t mean to pay money in your friend circle. But friends do have a positive thought for saving money. Share your problem with them about money. I’m sure they will support you in saving the money. They could be inspired by you. If you guys go somewhere to eat then share equal money to spend. It’s true sometimes one doesn’t have enough money. But when they have then try to share equal money in every visit.

3. Stop Smoking

This is not easy as we thought. If you had a habit of smoking half-packet cigarette then try to smoke 5 per day. After some week you will have a habit of taking 5 cigarettes per day then try to reduce in 2 per day. This is the best way to quit smoke as well. Because according to 2019 maximum people had a habit of spending lots of money in their cigarettes. So stopping cigarettes also makes you save your money.

For example

1 packet cig = $20 (600 $ per month) Total 600$ for your cigarette in a month

for saving

half packet cig $10 ($300 per month)

after having 2 cigarettes for a day ( $60 per month )

that means you can save 600-60 ($540 per month) when you control smoke.

And saving 540$ in a month only for a cigarette is not a joke.

4.Pack your launch from home



This one is the very best idea for an employee. Because the worker had a habit of taking launch by spending money during office time. At last, they got a habit of spending money on their launch. This will take a negative impact on having dinner and launch in Home. So the best idea is to pack your launch from home during office time. It will help you at least 70 % of saving your monthly expenses in your launch.

5. Analyze your spending

After coming back to home try to remember how much money do you spend today. After that note it in a copy or entry your data in Computer for future purpose. Try to reduce your daily expenses as much as you can and analyze how much did you save your money at the last of the month.

6. Deposit your saving money in Bank

After saving money don’t forget to deposit your saving income in the bank. Because it is the best way to save your money for future. You will also get some profit from the bank from that money. They will give you some percent of interest according to the bank.

7. Use Debit card

Do you have a habit of carrying money in your wallet? If so then start using debit card. Because once you pay it from card then it will directly goes to saving the account. It can also helps you to show the transaction of your expenses.

8. Make Simple Life

Try to make your life simple. Don’t try to compare your lifestyle with others. We people had a bad habit of trying to copy others. Be satisfy with your simple life. This will help you to save money.

9. Ask about discounts

If you trying to buy something you want then try to make a discount on that product. It is sure that the salesman try to get lots of profit from you. Don’t feel awkward to do heavy discount because of it’s your right to say to the salesman.

For example, if you trying to  buy the product of $100

then ask the salesman for a 50 % discount. They will also think that you won’t spend the money as they demand. So they will give you at least 40% discount.

This is the best way to save money.

10. Believe in yourself

Don’t think that you cant save money anyway. You can get many tricks to save money by yourself. All you have to do is keep patience. Don’t stop believing in your save. If you think it won’t help then that is your problem. Because impossible is nothing. All you have to do is believe in yourself.