top 10 motorcycle accessories for a long ride

Motorcycle riders are less protective than car riders. But in comparison to car rider motorcycle rider can have tremendous adventure around the world. You can become a safer rider by learning the necessary rider skills, having a good understanding of the road environment, riding to the conditions and always being aware of other road users.

As a rider, you should also have the best accessories for your long ride. So that you can able to enjoy your journey full of joy. So, here I present to you the best riding accessories you must have if you are passionate about the long drive in bikes.

Tank Bag

The new tank bag is the most innovative tank bag ever design. Now you can store anything without any problem. Because when you go for a long drive you may face many problems with your stuff that where to put them. The bag is designed with a magnetic mechanism that can easily attach to the tank.

 Grip lock

The all-new lock is mainly designed for the long trip riders. There is a high risk in loosing of your bike. In fact, the rider feels insecure about their bike in a new place. So this is made in the target of secure your bike from the lost. The lock will be activated in the accelerator. So that nobody can ride your bike unless you deactivate your lock.


GoPro is a most versatile action camera in the world. As a rider, you need an action camera. Because you can record your long drive tour in an action camera and can preserve it for the future. Besides that, you can sometimes capture how other vehicles get crashed. This is not only used to make adventure videos but can click photo as well. The action camera is waterproof too so you can take video inside water as well.

Riding Jacket

Not only as a professional rider you should also have at least one riding jacket for your safe ride. The jacket is made under the target for your shoulder protection. Sometimes you can get crashed while having an unsafe ride. So this jacket at least recovers 50% safety to your body.

Riding Bag

The bag is specially made to store your gadget and clothes. You can store your laptop shoe bottle and many more riding stuff. The bag is also made with the anti-theft mechanism. If you get crashed the bag can able to keep your stuff safely without any damage.

Riding Gloves

Another best accessories for riders is gloves. The riding gloves are specially made for the protection of your finger as well as hand. When your bike gets crash then the first injury takes place to your hand. So this is made for the safety of your finger. The gloves can also make it easy to grip.

Knee pad

If you are going for a long ride then it should be compulsory to wear a knee pad. Because if by mistakenly your bike gets crashed than you can lose your leg so knee pad helps to keep safe of your knee.

Elbow Pad

The pad is similar to a kneepad. All you have to wear in hand in your elbow side. The pad is made for the purpose of your hand for safety.

Bluetooth headset

The headset is specially designed for riders. Sometime you could get important call but it is difficult to receive it when you’re in a ride. So the headset made you easy to pick your call from the helmet that is attached in it. By using it you do not have to open your helmet to receive a call. All you have to do is to connect your headset with your cell. You can also enjoy your music inside the helmet.

Riding Shoes

The shoes are made for the protection of your leg. The shoes are usually made for your long ride.